i'm afraid.

women like you, they're a dime a dozen
you can buy 'em anywhere
for you to get to him I'd have to move over
and I'm gonna stand right here
well it'll be over my dead body
so get out while you can
'cause you ain't woman enough to take my man

sometimes a man's caught lookin' at things that he don't need
he took a second look at you
but he's in love with me
well I don't know where that leaves you
oh but I know where I'll stand
and you ain't woman enough to take my man

Postat av: martina

SV: nej precis det förstår jag:) Lycka till och hoppas det blir bra till slut!

2011-04-09 @ 08:33:02
URL: http://martinnaaa.blogg.se/

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